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Furnished Property / UKO

UKO and Furnished Property aim to maintain your property in good order and value your assistance in ensuring that it is well looked after. If a repair needs to be carried out, it is important you open a maintenance request to notify of the issue.

We will work with you to ensure necessary repairs are made with as little inconvenience or delay as possible. Please note, however, that you may be responsible for the cost of repairs if damage is caused by an accident or your own negligence. You must not arrange repairs on your own without the permission of your Community Host.

Please be aware that non-urgent issues will be dealt within 7-21 working days.

If your issue is urgent, please contact the office immediately on (02) 8669 3678. If you need to contact the office outside business hours, please refer to the emergency contact numbers.

Emergency Repairs:

Emergency repairs are generally those that could cause injury to the tenant or damage the property. They include:

  • Burst or broken water pipes
  • A gas leak or serious roof leak
  • Failure of water, gas or electricity supply
  • Break down of an essential service such as cooking facilities or hot water.

In the first instance contact your Property Manager or Community Host.

Below are emergency contact numbers for a plumber and electrician. If it is after office hours and your Community Host cannot be contacted, you may then contact a tradesperson directly. Please note any repairs that the tenant arranges outside of normal business hours will be at the tenant’s expense unless it is deemed to be under valid urgent circumstances.

Electrician - Tango Electrical 0430467527
Plumber – Pure Plumbing 0407837729
Please be aware that non-urgent issues will be dealt within 7-21 working days.

Locked out?

If you’re locked out after hours, we have an external service provider offering a lockout service for $110.
Please contact: Yates Control Room: 131 911 / 02 95783000

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