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Dealing With Loud Neighbours

Whether in shared housing or private apartments, there is generally always the issue of having to deal with loud neighbours at one point or another. The question I am posing to you is this: "How do YOU deal with it?"

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Activities for a Rainy Day

Since we are no longer in wonderful, sunny summer in the southern hemisphere, the weather is starting to make finding activities a bit more on a limited scale. Rain seems to be falling a little bit every other day making those outdoor events a thing of the past. In light of this, finding some fun shouldn't be too difficult, and I decided to help out by making a list of indoor activities good for any season!

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How To Get Your Bond Back

As a traveller or student (or anyone), money is a big deal, right? So, getting your bond back after leaving a place could make or break your next travel (or study) adventure. However, it shouldn't be a worry if you take care of your flat and keep in mind all the rules during your stay. Here is how you can make sure getting your bond back is even easier.

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