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Party in Darlinghurst

If you're heading to Sydney during the month of March, you'll want to make Darlinghurst your destination. Oxford Street will be celebrating nearly non-stop during the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival with parades, street performers and nightclubs all contributing to the action.

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Recipe: Lemonade Cream Scones

Something new we are going to start adding to our blog are recipes that ANY tenant can make! They can be snacks, main meals or even a little mixed drink or two. And, they will all be something simple that you little Furnished Property tenants can make all by yourself.

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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

From language barriers and dirt roads to poisonous snakes and unforgettable landscapes, travelling to developing countries (formerly known as the Third World) is no doubt an exhilarating experience. The differences from exploring the Western World are countless, but it is those differences, both good and bad, that combine to make it a life changing event.

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A Weekend in Bondi

This weekend is set to bright and sunny, so what a better way to spend it than at Bondi Beach? Bondi Beach is the most popular beach in Sydney and is rightly known as one of the best beaches in the world. Spend a day playing in the surf, relaxing on the sand, then start the night with drinks at one of Bondi's many pubs.

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Get Your Drive On

To get a true view of the Australian countryside and just have a great time with friends, many travellers find that taking advantage of their driving skills while down under is the way to go. But, are you all set and ready to roll? Read on to get the info behind driving in Australia as an overseas visitor.

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