The Most Watched Video on YouTube?

As you are sitting in your cosy little Furnished Property home, what type of YouTube videos might you find yourself watching? Are they funny, cute, shocking or made by friends? With that in mind, have you ever wondered what the most watched video of ALL TIME is on YouTube today?

Well, I have. As I was sitting in the office thinking of things to post on the blog today, I got to thinking that I should get to the bottom of this easily-solved mystery and share the answer with you.

Here is YouTube's top watched video of ALL TIME:



That's right! The video that has been viewed 49,280,111 times, commented on 88,790 times, and given 121,846 ratings is no other than the Free Hugs Campaign - Official Page video. To make the accomplishment even more impressive, it outranks the 2nd place video (Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing) by more than 6 million views, and it has all happened since September, 2006!

Are you surprised? I have to admit that I was sort of expecting the top video to be something scandalous and/or involving a power pop idol. Instead, we get this ultra cute family friendly goodwill type of video with a song by the Sick Puppies, but I guess that's the power it possesses. When you watch it, you just can't help but smile. :)