The Benefits of a Short-Term Contract

Last week, I wrote a post posing the question to Working Holiday Visa holders on what should be done first upon arrival in Sydney: find a job, or a place? In my particular situation, I really felt it necessary to find a flat before I was able to properly find work, but it ended up having a not-so-good outcome because of my quick/rash decision. I felt it should have been done in another way.

This week I'm putting out an idea that could have solved my problem, and possibly help others in the same situation. This solution would be taking advantage of the short-term contracts available in the guest houses of The Furnished Property Group. That's right - The minimum stay is only a month, so why not go for it and have a great - temporary if needed - home while you are looking for that job?!

Because it is only a month minimum stay, you won't be "stuck" somewhere for long if you happen to find a job that is far away. There's no true commitment involved which allows you to rest your worried head and not fret when you should job hunting and having fun.

Furthermore, all the places with The Furnished Property Group are fully furnished, meaning you won't have to spend a dime in order to get your day-to-day living under way.

Not bad, eh? Short-term contracts are definitely a great thing, especially for those coming to Sydney on a Working Holiday Visa.