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Find a Job or a Place First?

So, this post goes out to all the Working Holiday Visa-ers who have found their way to the Sydney area. It was definitely a concern of mine upon arrival, so I'm sure you've had to think about it as well. What is the best route to take after arriving - find a job, or a place, first?

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Claire's Adventures in Job Hunting

Claire is a native Dubliner that has been in Sydney, and Australia for that matter, for just 5 months. Unsure of what she wants to go back to university for in Ireland, this 21 year old thought it was just a good time to experience life down under. I recently set up a time so that I could learn a bit more about her adventures here as a foreigner. It was particularly interesting to hear about her work endeavours. Claire has found it anything but easy to find a job in this bustling city.

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Sending Bits of Aussie Christmas Cheer

The Christmas season is just around the corner, and many of our Furnished Property tenants might not be noticing since there is a lack of winter holidays atmosphere here in the Sydney summer. While Aussies are quite used to hearing strange "White Christmas" type songs when it is a blazing 40 degrees outside, some tenants are caught off guard when December 25th actually rolls around and they realise they haven't even sent their families a simple holiday card.

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