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Find a Job or a Place First?

So, this post goes out to all the Working Holiday Visa-ers who have found their way to the Sydney area. It was definitely a concern of mine upon arrival, so I'm sure you've had to think about it as well. What is the best route to take after arriving - find a job, or a place, first?

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Do I need an RSA?

If you're thinking about working in a bar, cafe or restaurant in New South Wales that sells alcohol and don't have your RSA, think again. The RSA, or Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate, is required at establishments around Sydney and New South Wales to ensure that wait staff and other employees are educated in this sector. Serving alcohol should only be completed with the proper knowledge to protect your customer, you, and the business you work for.

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Claire's Adventures in Job Hunting

Claire is a native Dubliner that has been in Sydney, and Australia for that matter, for just 5 months. Unsure of what she wants to go back to university for in Ireland, this 21 year old thought it was just a good time to experience life down under. I recently set up a time so that I could learn a bit more about her adventures here as a foreigner. It was particularly interesting to hear about her work endeavours. Claire has found it anything but easy to find a job in this bustling city.

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