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What does your Sydney surburb mean?

For foreigners coming to Sydney, many of the suburbs can have long, funny-sounding and hard-to-pronounce names. I mean who ever thought that Woolloomoolo should be pronounced like "Woolah-mahloo" instead of how it's spelt?! Anyway, the reason these suburbs actually have such exciting sounding names is because they come from Aboriginal words.

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Laid Back in Coogee

As one of the best, and most noted beach areas in Sydney, Coogee has a lot going for it. Although it's only half an hour by bus to Sydney's central business district and the airport, Coogee feels like a world away. A gorgeous expanse of shoreline awaits where you can soak up some sun, go surfing or give snorkeling and scuba diving a go. As the sun’s setting you can enjoy an idyllic long walk on the beach.

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