Sydney's Arty Paddington

The Paddington section of Sydney is well known by the locals as a shopper's paradise. Just east of Darlinghurst, the suburb is filled with terrace apartments. Tree-lined streets overlooked by wrought iron balconies lend a touch of romance to the district, and the Victorian architecture complements the atmosphere perfectly.



Antiquing in Paddington

You'll love wading through the many antique shops in Paddington, especially McLeods Antiques on South Dowling Street and the Vintage Times just down the way. Stop into Domain Collectables on Oxford and make sure you ask the staff to show you their favorite pieces in stock.

You'll also find several art galleries in this district, featuring work by local artists and others from around the globe. The Five Ways section, made up of three streets that cross Glenmore Road, exudes an old-world vibe with its sidewalk cafés and decorative shops.

Paddington Markets

Every weekend, the Paddington Bazaar is in full swing next to the Paddington Village Uniting Church. You'll see booths and street vendors with wares from designer clothing to souvenirs, and be sure to try some of the delicious local food and drinks for sale here.

Centennial Park

If you're keen to enjoy the great outdoors Centennial Park doesn't disappoint with its formal gardens, horse-drawn carriage rides and historical statues. Rent bicycles or skates for a trip along the leafy paths, and be prepared to encounter families and individuals of all ages; this is a very kid-friendly location.

Centennial Park is also a great place to bring your friends and picnic, or just find a quiet spot to enjoy a take-out sandwich and a book. Frisbee and horseback riding are also a great way to enjoy this area.

Cheap Eats and Entertainment

If you're visiting or staying in the Paddington area you must visit the Wine Library, a Mediterranean wine bar on Oxford Street. And to indulge your sweet tooth make sure you add the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar to your to-do list.

The Ampersand Café and Bookstore is an interesting place to grab brunch with friends, as is the Book Lounge Café. If you're looking for great seafood, A Fish Called Paddo is your best choice in this area and they're open for lunch and dinner. Remember to bring your own bottle of wine and watch the crowds pass by.

Paddington is a great starting spot for your pub-crawl to the city, and buses are available to get you back home after your evening out. Check out the Captain Cook Hotel, also great for pub food, and the Fringe Bar on your trip down Oxford Street.

Home Away From Home

Instead of dropping hundreds on a hotel, check out Furnished Property for shared accommodations or a studio apartment of your own. If you're planning on being in Sydney for a month or longer, this is definitely the best bet for value.

Your lodging will include televisions and DVD players, tastefully modern furnishings and laundry facilities on site for your convenience. Staying in Paddington can give you the full Sydney experience without breaking your budget, as long as you do a little research and planning before you go.