Summer Skin Safety

Everyone loves some fun in the sun, and we’re just coming into the peak sun-tanning season! But before you spend your day in the sun, make sure you’ve got all the facts on being sun safe. Sunburn and sun tan can lead to skin cancer, which can mean not only ugly scars and spots, but also further cancer-related complications. Here are a few things you should do to bring you up to speed:

- Visit this website:

It’s got heaps of great information about how to protect yourself against sunburn and skin cancer.

- Watch these videos:

If you think a little mole’s nothing to worry about, think again.

- Remember these 5 simple rules:

SLIP on some protective clothing, like a rash vest

SLOP on some sunscreen

SLAP on a hat

SEEK shade

SLIDE on some sunglasses

Follow this advice and you’ll be sure to have a burn-free summer!