See Sydney For Free!

A common topic running from the lips of many of our tenants is that of money - how to get it, where to get it, and just not having enough! Sydney is not the cheapest to visit, but there are - believe it or not - plenty of things to keep you busy and let you see the city for free!



i'm going home mate..
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sir Mervs


No brainer here, eh? The beaches are the shining star when it comes to Sydney tourism, and they live up to their expectations. Grab a towel, your thongs, and some sunblock and head over to Bondi or Coogee if you're looking to do anything from relaxing and lounging to swimming and surfing.

Harbour Bridge:


sydney harbour bridge
Creative Commons License photo credit: apdk


A nice, long walk across the Harbour Bridge provides for a great view of the Sydney harbour, while also getting you a good chance to exercise. Luna Park is just on the other end, as well, so why not make a day out of it?

Royal Botanic Gardens:


The Royal Botanic Gardens provide a getaway within the city. The lush green park is a destination for those wanting to have a picnic or a stroll through tropical surroundings next to the harbour. There's even some interesting wildlife roaming around.



The Art Gallery of NSW and the National Maritime Museum are two excellent museums you can access for free. Get your fill of art and history by taking a day, or two, out to see what they have to offer.

So Furnished Property tenants, get yourselves out there and see some more of Sydney. There's no excuses that you don't have enough money, because these won't cost you anything :)