In the last post we mentioned the details of making sure you are ready to drive in and around Sydney. Now that you have yourself ready to go, we have decided to compile a couple of options for the roadtrip of your dreams! A roadtrip is just not as fun in a crowded space, so why not look into renting a van or camper van? There are a couple of companies around Sydney that have the perfect option for any type of excursion. autobarnTravellers Auto Barn rents out cars, vans and camper vans especially focused towards the true roadtrip experience. Some are even decked out with beds! Anyone over 18 that is licensed can rent a vehicle, which can be picked up from one office and dropped off at another across the country. Visit the website for more details. The nearest office is located at 177 Wiiliam Street, Kings Cross, Sydney NSW Australia 2011.


leopardWicked Campers offers basically the same as Travellers Auto Barn, but they do it with totally wicked designs. They even have a NAKED special meaning if you show up to the garage completely NAKED, you get your first day FREE! (applies to 14+ day plus rentals). Check the website for more information. The nearest office is located at Gate 407, George Street Waterloo Sydney, Australia. There you have it! I'm sure you have plenty of trip ideas in your heads by now, but if you still need help, both of these websites provide plenty. Happy roadtripping!