Poll: What is most important?

Seeing how this is a blog that deals with living in furnished properties, this topic will certainly be debated quite often. However, we would still like to get the basic idea out there and see what the readers here think about the subject. So, what is most important when looking for a flat or room?

I have put together a poll with some simple responses: Location, Size, Price, Amenities, and Number of people.

Let's go ahead and break it down a bit.

Location: Location is very important, at least to travellers and people working in a big city. No one likes to communte an hour each way every day, or drive in congested city streets, so choosing the location might be number one on most people's lists.

Size: Perhaps you spend loads of free time at home, or you like to entertain. In that case, size might be the deciding factor.

Price: If money matters, price is key. Maybe the commute doesn't seem so overwhelming if the price is right.

Amenities: Dish washers, laundry rooms, and free Wi-Fi draw some in. How important are these little bits to making the final decision?

Number of people: Maybe you are concerned about it being too loud, or maybe not loud enough? If too many people live in the same flat, disorder and messiness might be issues to deal with.

We're very interested to see the outcome of the poll. Feel free to leave a comment letting us know why you chose what you did at the bottom of this post. Thanks!