Meat Pies! Get Your Meat Pies!


Being from America where they don't really exist, I always found myself being quite confused when traveling and meeting Aussies pining away for their beloved meat pies. I was always left wondering just what the heck they were talking about.

Finally, after my arrival down under I can understand what all those Aussie backpackers were craving and raving about. Meet the meat pie (taken with my phone camera):

Meat Pie

The picture is obviously not doing it justice. This meat pie was in fact 10 times tastier than it looks above, and I immediately felt like I could relate to those many comments from months before. I became a huge fan, and now, in my mind, the meat pie is like the ultimate food item - versatile, cheap, tasty, and diverse. Here's why:

1 - The meat pie is versatile. If you're wanting a snack, or a full meal, the meat pie is up for the challenge. Meat pies are handy, meaning you can grab one and eat it on the go. Better yet, eating them without utensils is easier than thought because the gravy-like filling has a surprisingly thick consistency maintaining order and shape during the eating process.

If looking for more than a simple snack, add some mash to your order and it becomes closer to a full-sized meal.

2 - Meat pies are cheap. My delicious meat pie from Harry's Cafe de Wheels cost me around $3.50, and around $4.50 when I added some mash. Other places may sell them for cheaper. Are you traveling on a budget and looking for ways to save a buck? Make sure you grab a meat pie for lunch!

3 - Meat pies are tasty. Did I not mention that already? In case I didn't make it clear enough, meat pies are quite tasty all the way from its crispy pie crust to its juicy filling.leanbeeftiger-harryscafedew

4 - Meat pies are diverse. Not only can you use them for a snack or a meal, but they also come in a wide range of flavors. Beef, veggie, and curry are all tastes to choose from so there's never a dull moment. And definitely don't miss The Tiger!

If meat pies are new to you, too, I suggest you try one of your own. If around Sydney City, there's a Harry's over on Haymarket where you can snag some pie goodness. Be sure to check their website as they actually have many locations around the area. If you do stop by, let us all know what you got and how good it was!