Love it / Hate it: Scubar
Sydney's #1 Backpackers Bar?

Scubar makes its home in one of the best possible locations to draw in a solid backpacker crowd. It is directly below the Sydney Central YHA, and it is a hop, skip and a jump from Central Station! How much easier can it get, seriously?

Back at Scubar
Creative Commons License photo credit: Orin Zebest

The word on the street, however, can go completely one way or the other depending on the person you ask. And, when the website lists crab racing and all you can eat pizza as some of its activities for the week, you can see why!


  • Monday: Crab Racing

  • Tuesday: Mix Pool Competition

  • Wednesday: Live Music

  • Friday/Saturday: All You Can Eat $10 Pizza & Live DJs

  • Sunday: Free Pool

I took a look at and found some interesting reviews for Scubar:

  • So much fun, had a cracker of a night at this bar, load of travellers so good mix of people.

  • Not a good pickup joint cause it's incredibly noisy and by the time you can eventually buy someone a drink, their visa will have expired.

  • The Scubar has bred in me a love for all things foreign! Believe me, if you're looking for a solid time in Sydney head down, all the way down to the Scubar.

  • It's a crappy tourist bar full of seedy backpackers. It's about the size of a beer can and they cram about 300 sweaty guys onto a dance floor where the only thing worse than the music is the girls. But hey Monday night.. cheap jugs...

What do you think, Furnished Property tenants? Is Scubar the best backpackers bar in Sydney, or does it leave you with nothing but a headache and empty pockets?