Laid Back in Coogee

As one of the best, and most noted beach areas in Sydney, Coogee has a lot going for it. Although it's only half an hour by bus to Sydney's central business district and the airport, Coogee feels like a world away. A gorgeous expanse of shoreline awaits where you can soak up some sun, go surfing or give snorkeling and scuba diving a go. As the sun’s setting you can enjoy an idyllic long walk on the beach.

Sculpture by the Sea 2005

Creative Commons License photo credit: Fiona Bradley

Diving, Swimming and Sunning at Coogee

Whether you're just learning or an experienced diver, Pro Dive is Coogee’s hotspot for underwater fun. Snorkeling tours, diving classes and every other water sport you can think of are all in Coogee and this company is a great way to get you exploring the waters at any budget.

If you prefer to keep your head above water, try Wylie's Baths. Their sea bathes are cordoned off sections of the ocean that have been made into a pool. It's a great natural alternative to chlorinated pools where you can take time out to swim or sunbathe and enjoy the best view in town.

The Coogee to Lurline Bay Walk nearby is great for a lazy wander down the 3.5 kilometer pathway. To speed up the trek and burn some energy, hire a pair of rollerblades to glide along in. When the weather permits the scenic Wedding Cake Island can be viewed just off the coast.

Shopping and Dining at Coogee

Coogee is a great spot for picking up souvenirs and locally crafted jewelry and trinkets. Restaurants and cafés are everywhere, so you should have no problems finding exactly what you’re looking for, from traditional fish and chips to the Churrasco Brazilian Style BBQ restaurant.

Out of the Blue on Clovelly Road and Moo Gourmet on Coogee Bay Road both have great burgers, and you can find Eastern choices at Taste of Thai, Aseana Food Village and May Kwai Chinese. Make sure to visit the French bakery Sweet Spot Patisserie for some of the best ice cream Sydney has to offer, perfect after a day in the sun.

Along the beach, several grassy areas have public access BBQs and tables, perfect for a picnic dinner that caters to all budgets! Spread a blanket out under a tree and watch the clouds go by as you enjoy your own culinary creations.

Apartments and Beach Houses at Coogee

Students and vacationers will love their stay at Coogee Beach in Sydney, especially with a fully furnished apartment or beach house. Whether you're traveling with one friend or with several, Furnished Property has the rentals you're looking for. Modern facilities with appliances make your kitchen and lounge just like home, and you will have plenty of privacy for yourself in a spacious bedroom, as well.

If you'd prefer to meet new people or are traveling alone, you may want to check into shared housing options. Your private twin room will have its own flat screen television with DVD player, and shared laundry and kitchen facilities are on site.