I need a Single Room in Sydney!

It's 6am.

Just at 5:59, you were fast asleep in your cosy little bed, dreaming wonderful dreams without the slightest bit of stress or drama to worry your head. Now, however, its 6am and you're woken up by the sound of a screaming alarm clock, but it's not yours... it's your roommate's!


133/365 2 mins apart (part 2)

Creative Commons License photo credit: stuartpilbrow


Oh, the joys of living in the same room as someone else. Sure, you get to share the rent, but that cost could come with a lot of other drama that will leave you screaming, "I need a Single Room in Sydney!" Thankfully, you've come to the right place because Furnished Property understands that having a single room in Sydney is better than sharing for many reasons, and here's why:

Privacy! Privacy can cost quite a bit in some cities. Having a single room in Sydney can allow you to do what you want, and when you want it, without annoying your roommate.

You can decorate the walls the way you want, get up as late or as early as you want, listen to whatever music you want, wear as much or as little clothing as you want, and smell as bad or as good as you want.

Yep, you can clean as little or as often as you want, talk on the phone as loudly or softly as you want, and let's face it - bring whoever or whatever back home with you.

With a single room in Sydney, you can have the privacy to be as calm or wild as you want (BUT within reason if you want to get the bond back) - without disturbing the life of a roommate.

Finding a Single Room in Sydney

Don't worry! Even though finding a single room in Sydney is difficult, you've come to the right spot! The Furnished Property Group has a number of fantastic, and fully furnished, single rooms in Sydney, ready for you to rent right now!

Choose from studios, one bedrooms, or single rooms in shared accommodation (guesthouses). Just give us a call, and we'll put you in a single room in Sydney, ASAP! :)