How To Get Your Bond Back

As a traveller or student (or anyone), money is a big deal, right? So, getting your bond back after leaving a place could make or break your next travel (or study) adventure. However, it shouldn't be a worry if you take care of your flat and keep in mind all the rules during your stay. Here is how you can make sure getting your bond back is even easier.

Start from the beginning.

After first arriving in a new flat or room, fill out a condition report and return immediately. Usually, you will get a form from your landlord (or in our case, The Furnished Property Group) where you can mark all the issues present when you first get in. This will then show your landlord that you did in fact have no part in the hole near the door, or the crack in the wall (just examples!).

Better yet, it is best to play it safe and go beyond the form alone. Your landlords or property owners might be busy people and overlook a small detail before you move in, which they could then see later on. Why not take advantage of your camera and also photograph your new place so they have a working copy to compare the before and after states? Basically, if anything is worth writing down in the condition report, it is also worth a quick photo. It will only take a few minutes and help ensure that you get hundreds of dollars back in the future!

During your stay.


Be sure to maintain the state of your flat during your stay by normal cleaning and care techniques. Clean up spills as soon as they happen and always treat your flat like it were your parents' home. If, for some reason, something does break, be sure to notify the property owners as soon as possible to get fixed. Even if something occurs that seems fairly minor, it is best to get it addressed immediately before it becomes a huge issue in the future.

When leaving.

Make it CLEAN! This is a huge, huge, huge, huge, huge (did I mention HUGE?) factor in getting your bond back. If you don't clean your flat, then the landlord or company you rent from will, and most of the time that will cost you some dough. The money covers the cost of having someone else clean because who wants to move into a dirty place?! Not you, and not the next tenant. Clean the floors, clean the shelves, and definitely clean the tub. The best way to make this process easy is to just keep your place as clean as possible when living there. An exceptionally clean place when moving out from TFPG will actually result in a $20 credit to your account!

Beyond this, here is a list of some other factors to keep an eye on to ensure getting the full bond back:










  • Unpaid Bills and Rent: Keep up-to-date on all bills and rent because this is an easy way to have some bond deducted. Either way you will have to spend this money, but the surprise factor of not receiving the full bond can be a bit confusing and disappointing at first.
  • Excess Rubbish: Just getting your rubbish out of the flat is not enough. If there is more than your normal share of rubbish collection, it costs extra money to take, which will of course be paid for by bits of your bond. Again, keeping on top of your cleaning will help to lessen the impact of your final rubbish deposits.
  • Breaking the Contract: Landlords and rental companies have contracts for a reason - to protect their business. It takes time and energy to find new tenants, so if they have to unexpectedly find a new person because you decided to leave sooner than agreed on, a contract break fee may occur. This money covers the cost of finding new tenants and ensures they have some sort of income from a time they otherwise thought were secure.
  • Failure to Leave On-time: If your contract has a move-out date and time, it is probably for a reason. For instance, at The Furnished Property Group, there is a high rate of change since some of the contracts are very short-term. Therefore, needing the keys back and flat vacated in a timely manner is very necessary to ensure it is clean and ready for the new tenant(s). So, keep in mind your vacate date and time that was agreed upon with your landlord in the beginning.
  • Damages Not in Condition Report: If you didn't mark it down in the beginning, and the issue is present when leaving, you will get charged for it. That's why it is so important to mark everything when first arriving, and notify of issues as they occur.


If you have any questions or concerns about getting your bond back, be sure to ask your landlord or property owner immediately. By doing so, and keeping in mind the above points, there should be no reason to worry if you will get your bond back when leaving.