Get Your Funny Tweets on Twitter

Would you consider yourself a Twitter-lover or a Twitter-hater? For most, its either one side or the other in this vicious battle between being productive and being worthless. Twitter is constantly being bad-mouthed on the news, TV and in the paper, but those people, I feel, just don't understand all the great advantages there are to putting out your daily Tweets. So, to help them understand this little misunderstood tool a bit better, I have put together a list of ways you can use Twitter!



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Communicate with Friends: Think of Twitter as a big chatroom, where you can only see the updates (Tweets) on your home screen of the people you follow. And, the people that follow you will see your updates on their home screen. You can choose to single people out by using the @ symbol before their name in order to create conversations. It's easy to see what people are up to, where they're heading tonight, etc. without having to wade through all the other junk that might be on Facebook.

Communicate with Businesses: If you have a business, or work for a business, that needs to find other companies to work with on a project or other dealing, Twitter can be an easy place to turn to. Search for companies and put out Tweets to see what happens!

Get Jobs: You would be surprised how many people are using Twitter to find jobs! Companies will often put vacancies up through a Tweet, so if there is a company you would like to work for - start following them now! Also, many individuals are showcasing their skills and networking capabilities on Twitter to attract work. For example, a freelance journalist might put out a Tweet that they are travelling to Mongolia and looking for a writing assignment. If a company is looking for writers, they might do a search on Twitter and find this journalist!

Get Apartments: Just today I ran a search for "Sydney apartment" to find a number of individuals looking for places in the city. I quickly sent them a message to let them know of our services, which could really help them out! Think about how handy this could be when returning home after your stay in Sydney. You could use Twitter to help find shared accommodation, guest houses, apartments and flatmates!

Get News: Many Twitter-ers use Twitter to relay interesting information and news stories on various subjects. If you like to keep up with great travel bloggers or travel companies, you can follow them to see what stories they are tweeting about. Since Tweets are so short (140 characters or less), it is extremely easy to skim through loads of content before having to click on a single item. It's a very easy way to get targeted search results.

Get Discounts: Some shops and other businesses put discount codes and sale notices up on Twitter. Get the deals before everyone else does!

Get Your Funny Tweets: You might find yourself cracking up at the funny little things that Twitter-ers Tweet about. Here's a list of actual Tweets:












  • Everytime I get a nice check for something my mom hits me up for money. I think she got my phone tapped and crib wired.
  • Free advice: Never wear flip-flops around a busy urinal.
  • Good morning sunshine! Please don’t give me skin cancer!
  • Got a pizza in the oven. NOT a euphemism for being a pregnant Italian.
  • Looking to purchase a gun, nothing too fancy or complicated, just a simple point and shoot gun.
  • What nobody tells you is that, with a little chlorine, your bath water can last all summer.
  • No level-headed person ever wore a flattop.
  • I forgot how Brokeback Mountain ended, the gay guy turned out to be a cowboy right?


There are plenty of other reasons to use Twitter, but I think I'll let you figure them out on your own. So, if you're not on Twitter already, go on and make an account. It's free and fun, and you can always follow us - @FurnishedPrprty. Be sure to send us a Tweet to let us know you are a Furnished Property tenant!