Fruit Picking for Some Furnished Property Tenants Inevitable

As a majority of Furnished Property tenants are in Sydney on a working holiday visa, they immediately start to think of all the ways they can apply for their second visa when they discover the joys of an Australian summer. To do this, however, involves spending 3 months taking part in regional work during the first working holiday, and fruit picking – duh duh duhhhh – is definitely the easiest and most popular form of regional work around.

Easiest? I guess the term is relative to what you consider easy. Long days in hot weather surrounded by bugs and getting covered in sweat and dirt doesn’t sound easy to me. What I meant is that the jobs are more flexible than most, and, as long as you can get there in time, there is probably plenty to go around.

A typical day might look a little like the following:

Initially, the idea of performing this repetitive and body-killing task might be quickly brushed aside. Why the heck would someone want to take part in physical labour during your time down under? Ah, but flash that little pass for an extra 12 months of Aussie bliss, and people will quickly change their tune.

Besides this bonus, there are plenty of other reasons to want to take part in fruit picking while in Australia.

  • See rural Australia. Sadly, some people only see the big stuff while in Australia – the cities, the beaches, and all the big tourist spots. By taking part in fruit picking / harvest work, backpackers can see another side of this massive country.

  • Enjoy nature. Ever feel the need to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and kick back in the quietness of nature? Fruit picking provides a means of experience the calming tranquillity and beauty of the rural landscape every day.

  • Get fit. It’s not uncommon for fruit pickers to see a noticeable difference in the way their body looks after only a few short weeks of work. The constant activity provides and excellent way to get beach fit while gaining some cash.

  • Meet other backpackers. Make friends for life by living in cheap shared accommodation and working with other backpackers while fruit picking. Who knows what future travel plans may emerge after a short stint on the farm.

Harvest work is not a relaxing job, to say the least, but by playing the cards right, a backpacker or former Furnished Property tenant might be able to step away with a hefty wad of cash in tow. There’s nothing quite like celebrating a job well done by having some money to be used for further travels around Australia.

What about you? Do you plan to fruit pick in order to get your second working holiday visa?