Find a Job or a Place First?

So, this post goes out to all the Working Holiday Visa-ers who have found their way to the Sydney area. It was definitely a concern of mine upon arrival, so I'm sure you've had to think about it as well. What is the best route to take after arriving - find a job, or a place, first?

On the other hand, I found it was just too difficult to look for a job while living in a hostel. There's a certain amount of preparation that goes into getting interviews, as well as looking the part, and living out of a backpack was just not cutting it. Just finding a quiet place to talk on the phone to potential employers was difficult, not to mention the fact that internet use was limited. Some nights, I didn't quite get the sleep I was in dire need of because of the sounds from my other roommates. Also, getting ready for the interview itself seemed to take me twice as long as it would otherwise.The decision was a difficult one for me to make, even after weighing all the options. If I decided to find a job first, I would then be able to find a place closer to it and have a better idea of the budget I was working with. This could mean the difference between living in a dive, or living in comfort during my time in Sydney. It could also spare the cost of certain travel expenses in the future.

Because the stress of needing to find a job was breathing down my neck, I cracked one Sunday and decided that I needed to find a place first so that all efforts could be focused towards the job. I hurriedly made appointments to view whatever I could for the cheapest I could. But, what did I know? I barely knew the area, or the market.

I ended up taking something that day, and later regretted the decision immensely. I won't get into the details just yet, but I'm sure they will come up in future posts. Overall, I do think getting my own place first was the way to go because my ability to look for jobs was significantly improved, but really it should have been done in another way.

What do you guys think? Find a place, or a job, first? Take our poll below, or share your own experiences by leaving a comment.