Do I need an RSA?

If you're thinking about working in a bar, cafe or restaurant in New South Wales that sells alcohol and don't have your RSA, think again. The RSA, or Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate, is required at establishments around Sydney and New South Wales to ensure that wait staff and other employees are educated in this sector. Serving alcohol should only be completed with the proper knowledge to protect your customer, you, and the business you work for.

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Who needs an RSA?

An RSA is generally required for anyone wanting to work with a company selling or promoting alcohol products. Wait staff, liquor shop attendants and security workers at a club all require an RSA in order to be employed in the New South Wales state. Other states also require the certificate, but many are not recognised in any state other than the one that issued it.

How do I get an RSA?

The class is usually a 6 hour long program that can be completed in one or more days. The average cost is around $85 and are offered at various venues around Sydney.

What will I learn in training?

Even though responsible alcohol service seems to most to be a no-brainer, you might find that the course is actually quite eye-opening. Many people may not really think about how to respond in certain situations until the moment arises, therefore making the RSA course the best practice someone can get. The topics covered include much of the following:

  • Alcohol guidelines
  • Underage drinking
  • Strategies for avoiding overintoxication

When looking at the topics above, it is definitely clear how employers, as well as customers and employees, are benefited by the RSA course requirement. Since it is a needed item in these parts to work in the hospitality industry, your best bet is to sign up for a course as soon as you arrive in Sydney. Really, it is only a small investment when thinking about the importance of the topic, and there is just no point in applying for those jobs if they might immediately cast you off without it.

Good luck, and happy job hunting!