Dealing With Loud Neighbours

Whether in shared housing or private apartments, there is generally always the issue of having to deal with loud neighbours at one point or another. The question I am posing to you is this: "How do YOU deal with it?"



Creative Commons License photo credit: chuckp


Sometimes the problem is a group of younger tenants having a loud party, or it could be an old lady with bad hearing watching TV. Perhaps your neighbours are doing some renovation work, or maybe they are having an argument. Any of these situations can become quite annoying at odd hours of the day, so what to do?

Generally, people stick to these three procedures:

1) Keep it all in. What this means is the person being annoyed just takes it without giving any feedback to the loud neighbour(s). Sometimes, such a person will complain to other people about the problem, but never get the courage to take it to where it counts. Other people in this category choose to give no feedback because they understand that dealing with loud neighbours is just a part of living in apartments, especially if they also want to have the occasional party or two.

2) Contact the neighbour. If the noise is too bothersome, some people will take the time to phone the neighbour (if they have the number), or even knock on their door to ask them to quiet down. This can sometimes be viewed as a more confrontational approach, but generally effective.

3) Straight to a higher authority. To avoid the confrontation, but get the job done, some bold tenants will take it directly to a higher power - the landlord or even the coppers! Some people do this after countless confrontations without a resolution, while others go directly to this method. I may be going out on a limb here, but I would think most people would enjoy a phone call first before jumping to this method.

Which do you choose? Take this poll and let us know your method of dealing with noisy neighbours.

Can you think of other ways to get your neighbours to quiet down? Also, what happens if the noise is not coming from your neighbours, but from flatmates??? Leave us a comment below!