Coogee Beach Apartments: Gorgeous Beaches for a Summer Stay

Like most international students and travellers, it is hard to imagine Sydney without picturing its amazing coastline with gorgeous beaches. And just like that, it is no surprise that our Bondi Beach and Coogee properties are hot items during the Australian summer!

Imagine yourself coming back from work, grabbing your sunscreen and beach towel and running off to the beach for a relaxing evening. This could be every night (weather permitting of course) if you should choose a beach apartment location for a Sydney summer stay.


Right now, Furnished Property has numerous Coogee Beach apartments ready for renting.

Our cosy two-bedroom units are large enough to room up to 4 friends or two couples quite comfortably.

If interested in learning more about this Coogee Beach apartment, or one similar, be sure to give our office a call to book a tour. With a fully furnished beach flat, life in Sydney just doesn't get much better.