Bored? Make it a Pub Trivia night!

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Looking for something to do - an activity that can be shared with friends in a comfortable setting and possibly results in a prize? If so, then Trivia Nights at your local pub are the way to go when you are in and around the Sydney area. Trivia nights have become quite popular down under, so I'm sure if you take a minute to walk to your nearest pub, they will most likely offer a trivia night on some day of the week. It's hours of evening entertainment that's perfect for when you don't want to have a late night out.

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What is pub trivia?

Well, if you don't know this, maybe you shouldn't... uh... go to trivia? No, but seriously, it is basically like the name suggests - a trivia competition held in a pub. Usually trivia goers will work in a team to answer some of the mind-boggling questions the quizmaster throws at them, which they will then write on a designated score sheet to hand in at the end of the night for checking. There might be various rounds on different topics, such as sports, celebrities, music and more, fully testing a team's knowledge on a broad scale.

Why is pub trivia fun?

Pub trivia is so much fun because it takes place in the company of friends in a laid-back pub environment. In addition, it is usually free to join in, but you're at a pub already so why not relax and have a beer or two in the process? And, if you are the team that happens to know more random and worthless facts than the others, then you just might get yourselves a nice prize, such as cash or vouchers for the bar!

Where can I find pub trivia near me?

Like I said before, pub trivia can be found at numerous pubs around Sydney, and if you are too lazy to take my advice and just walk to the nearest pub to check, then this list might help. Even though the pubs on this list are not all in the central city area near TFPG properties, we still think it is worth mentioning the other suburbs in case you have friends in those areas. If you know of other trivia nights not mentioned, please leave a comment and we will add those to our list!


Bull & Bush Hotel, Baulkham Hills 7:30 PM

Crocodile Farm Hotel, Ashfield 7:00 PM

Toxteth Hotel, Glebe 8:00 PM


Alfred Hotel, Camperdown 8:00 PM

Bar Cleveland, Surry Hills 7:30 PM

Berowra Village Tavern, Berowra 7:30 PM

Coopers Hotel, Newtown 7:15PM

Fringe Bar, Paddington 7:00 PM

North Bondi RSL, Nth Bondi 7:30 PM

Rag & Famish, North Sydney 7:30 PM


Bridgeview Hotel, Willoughby 7:30 PM

Castle Hill RSL Club, Castle Hill 8:00 PM

Club Swans, Kings Cross 7:30 PM

Forresters Hotel, Surry Hills 7:30 PM

Freeway Hotel, Artarmon 7:30 PM

Greengate Hotel, Killara 7:00 PM

Marly Bar, Newtown 7:30 PM

Point Hotel, Pyrmont 7:30 PM

Red Cow Inn, Penrith 7:30 PM

Tailors on Central, Surry Hills 7:00 PM

Union Hotel, Newtown 7:30 PM


Gladstone Park Hotel, Leichhardt 7:30 PM

Grosvenor Hotel, Waterloo 7:30 PM

Kelly's on King, Newtown 8:00 PM

Kurrajong Hotel, Erskineville 7:00 PM

Roseville Memorial Club, Roseville 7:30 PM

Zanzibar, Newtown 7:30 PM

*This list is just a starting point. We suggest you phone ahead to double check that no schedule changes have been made.

How do I join?

Joining is as easy as finding a few willing friends and heading down to the pub. After you arrive, make sure to grab the designated scoring sheets, a table and, most importantly, a few cold ones to go around (thinking juice, right?). And that's all it takes!

So, if you need something to entertain yourself and don't want to sit quietly at the movie theater or spend tons of money, then pub trivia nights around Sydney are an excellent option. But, do us all a favour and leave your mobiles off and cheat sheets at home because no one likes a cheater! ;)

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