Bondi Beach: Eugene's Favourite Place to Live & Surf

Well, my name is Eugene and I am currently living in 252 Campbell Parade. I originally come from Singapore and am in my 4th year now taking a Aerospace Engineering degree in UNSW.

Eugene is a Furnished Property tenant in BondiMy favourite beach in Sydney is obviously Bondi Beach because it has beautiful waves, nice pristine sand, beautiful people, wonderful pubs and all in all, it just radiates a vibrancy that one can never find in other beaches in Sydney.

I took up surfing because I didn't want to spend my whole time in Sydney only studying and choosing a place next to the beach to surf is just about the best decision that I could have taken.

Just a note, it takes little less than 1 minute to reach the beach and it's always a source of pride whenever I tell my friends that I live near Bondi beach... like really near.