Better Than Backpacker Accommodation in Sydney?

We all know that backpacker accommodation in Sydney is an awesome way to find a temporary home on a short trip to Sydney. But, when you're coming to Sydney for studying, a working holiday, or an extended visit, is Furnished Property's short-term accommodation in Sydney a better option?


Creative Commons License photo credit: xmacex

We certainly like to think so, and to prove our point, we have decided to put together this post on why our short-term accommodation options are so much better than backpacker accommodation in Sydney.

Costs Less - The amount of money you spend per week on a small, hostel bed in a crowded dorm room downtown Sydney can end up costing you more than you think. It can even cost you more money than some of our great, spacious and fully furnished rooms!

More Privacy - In a guest house, or shared house, with Furnished Property, you have the option to share with one or two other people, or get a room by yourself! Did you need a little more privacy than that 10 bed dorm in downtown Sydney? Or, were you looking for more sleep without others constantly disrupting it? If so, our short-term accommodation in Sydney will be just what you need!

Fewer People - Along with having fewer people in your sleeping area, our short-term accommodation options around Sydney can get you more space in the kitchens, bathrooms and common areas! Don't you hate when you want to cook dinner, but you either have to dance around people, or wait for them to just finish their own meals?

Not only that, but while in backpacker accommodation around Sydney you may have to deal with people partying any night of the week. Now, we're definitely not saying that there won't be parties in our shared accommodation options, but you will find that you will be surrounded by more like-minded individuals. Most of our tenants are those here on working holiday and student visas, so if you're needing a place to study or get a good night's before work, then we will have a place that suits you!

How short is our short term accommodation in Sydney?

Glad you asked! The shortest stay is only a 1 month commitment in one of our shared houses / guest houses. If you are looking for residential options, the minimum stay is only 3 months! Besides this, all accommodation is fully furnished and ready to go. Just give us a call and we'll help you get sorted.

What are your thoughts, Furnished Property tenants? Do you think our short term accommodation options are better than backpacker accommodation in Sydney, or not?