Activities for a Rainy Day

Since we are no longer in wonderful, sunny summer in the southern hemisphere, the weather is starting to make finding activities a bit more on a limited scale. Rain seems to be falling a little bit every other day making those outdoor events a thing of the past. In light of this, finding some fun shouldn't be too difficult, and I decided to help out by making a list of indoor activities good for any season!


The Opera House

Creative Commons License photo credit: smoodysarah


Galleries and Museums: I know this isn't tops on everybody's list, but there are some great galleries/museums around that should be checked out. And, better yet, you can get by without spending much money in the process.









Bowling: Bowling is not cheap around these parts, but if you know when to go, you can get a decent deal and have a great time. Any AMF Bowling center offers $8 games on Thursdays. I have also been finding some coupons for AMF Bowling on the backs of my Cole's receipts, so make sure you check 'em before you chuck 'em.

Movies: Yet again, movies are not the cheapest thing to do around Sydney, especially if you consider the price of adding on a soft drink and popcorn. However, I have heard recently about a restaurant and movie theater in Darlinghurst called Govinda's where you can eat a buffet dinner and then proceed to watch a movie while lying down on couches! There is a dinner and movie package, or just make your way to the movie alone, and it doesn't seem too pricey for Sydney.




Coffee: Cafes are a dime a dozen around Sydney, so why not grab a nice book and a nice cup and sit down for a while when the rain is falling?


Café con leche - Milchkaffee

Creative Commons License photo credit: marfis75


And there you have just a few activities to keep you occupied on some rainy days. If you have any other tidbits, please leave us a comment and let us know where to go!