10 Things to do in Sydney You Might Not Have Heard of Yet

So you’ve been in Sydney for a while. You’ve seen the sights and visited the star attractions. Now you want to seek out something a little different and quirky. Something that maybe only the locals know about. These 10 one-of-a-kind Sydney activities will show you another side of Sydney and provide you with an experience to remember.

1. Memory is Creation Without End

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In the Royal Botanical Gardens, the path above the rock face is known as the Tarpeian Way. On the top of it is this memorably named circle of sandstone blocks, relics from long-demolished structures like the Pyrmont Bridge. It’s a work of art created by Japanese artist Kimio Tsuchiya to symbolise the circular connection of the past, present and future.

2. Museum of Human Disease


This Museum at the University of New South Wales is the only medical pathology collection in the country that’s open to the public. With more than 2000 species of diseased human tissue on display, it also provides information to the public about health and biology. There are exhibits about smoking, alcohol, drugs and obesity aimed at encouraging visitors to make healthy lifestyle choices.

3. Paddington Reservoir Gardens

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Previously a water reservoir, the ruins of this 19th century structure have been turned into an urban park with gardens, green spaces and wide walkways. The garden is a sunken garden in the western chamber of the reservoir. So to get there you have to take the stairs or a lift. When you’re there, wander around and check out the rooftop gardens and lake of contemplation.

4. Ghost Nights at Old Government House


Is the Old Government House in Parramatta a haunted house? Previous visitors to this antique mansion – one of Australia’s oldest colonial buildings – certainly seemed to think so. Find out for yourself! While there’s no guarantee you’ll make contact with the deceased, there IS a guarantee you’ll enjoy a great supper and explore the candle-lit rooms of this fascinating historical building.

5. MacCallum Pool


One of those things to do in Sydney that only locals know about (well, mostly), this little saltwater pool is right on the edge of Cremorne Point and boasts views across Sydney Harbour all the way to the Opera House. Swim some laps or just sunbake and enjoy the view.

6. Hidden Bars


OK, you know there are bars in Sydney, of course. But what about the hidden bars and restaurants you can down secluded alleyways? Palmer and Co (pictured) is a roaring 20s-style den down Abercrombie Lane with a range of great cocktails, while Baxter Inn is a moody whiskey bar in a basement down a quiet laneway.

7. Troll Tours


Wanna ride a Harley Davidson but don’t have a motorbike licence? Troll Tours specialises in Harley or Trike tours across Sydney, with both pre-arranged and custom tours available.

8. Underground Cinema


Underground Cinema holds film screenings in secret locations both in Sydney and Melbourne. Where’s the next one? That’s a secret, but you can find out more at their website:

9. The Rocks Ghost Tours


The Rocks is one of Sydney’s most historic areas, so it comes as no surprise that at night these cobblestone lanes become the ideal setting for an eerie ghost tour. With adult ghost tours happening every night of the week plus teen birthday tours and hen’s night ghost tours, there’s a spooky experience here for everyone.

10. Wendy’s Secret Garden

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One of the most peaceful less well-known Sydney attractions, Wendy’s Secret Garden is Wendy Whiteley’s tribute to her famous artist husband Brett. Nestled behind Luna Park in the small suburb of Lavender Bay, it has huge fig trees, many interesting plants, sculptures and views of the harbour.


More Things to do in Sydney You Might Not Have Heard of Yet:

1. Visit the Justice and Police Museum

2. Visit Garigal National Park on the North Shore

3. Go on an underground tour of the Tank Stream Tunnel, open just twice a year